How to Rewire Your Brain For Self-Love


Whenever I’m with my nephews, an overwhelming amount of love fills my entire heart. It seems to just effortlessly pour out of my body and fill the whole room.

I love those kids so, so, so much – I know in my heart that there is nothing that they could ever do to make me love them any less. I love them unconditionally, and this strong feeling springs from such a natural place within me – because our natural state is to be in love.

If our natural state is to be in love, why don’t we give ourselves that love that we know that we are inherently capable of feeling deep down?

What would happen if we loved and cherished ourselves as much as we love and cherish our little ones? How much easier would our lives be? What if when we messed up, we responded to it in a way as if we were speaking to a small child that we love, instead of harshly beating ourselves up about it?

Think about the thoughts that you have about yourself, or the way that you talk to yourself. Would you say those things to a loved one, someone that you hold so dear to your heart?

As much as we love others, we also need to love ourselves. The person who really needs this love in your life right now is YOU.

I know it’s easier said than done. I’m still learning how to love myself each day.

There was a part of me that thought that I wouldn’t achieve my goals or get what I wanted in life if I loved myself. We all have these false beliefs that we carry around within us, when really all they are is outdated programming in our minds that we formed at some point or another in our lives – but they are just illusions. They aren’t real.

In fact, not loving yourself will actually almost guarantee that you won’t get what you want (and if you do get it, it won’t “stick” without that foundation self-love).

True self-love is a learning process, and it takes time to rewire your brain – so cut yourself some slack if you are trying to cultivate self-love but end up still having hurtful thoughts or attitudes about yourself.

Together, let’s choose to love up on ourselves when we witness these different aspects of ourselves that are in pain and that are actually just needing some extra love, instead.

Youth Nutrition Specialist Megan Hatfield

About The Author

My name is Megan Hatfield and I’m a Holistic Health Coach for teens in the Bay Area. I’m also a writer, an authenticity advocate, and a lover of all things weird and wonderful (think modern spirituality, science fiction, deadpan humor, and getting to play make-believe through magical creativity).

As a Holistic Health Coach and Youth Nutrition Specialist, I coach Marin teens with emotional and/or physical health stressors with specialized holistic health programs—so that they can succeed and thrive in the most formative years of their lives.

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