Know That You Matter


For anyone that could use a reminder: YOU MATTER.

Your presence is deeply needed on this planet. We need you. With all of the things that make up your being, you are beautiful, just as you are, right now. You are not alone. You are loved. One day, you will find a place where it is okay to be exactly who you truly are. One day, you will be fully seen by another, maybe for the first time in your entire life. In that moment, you will experience truth. You will meet freedom. You will know why you are here, how connected we all are, and exactly how very much you matter.

From my heart to yours: I love you.

Youth Nutrition Specialist Megan Hatfield

About The Author

My name is Megan Hatfield and I’m a Holistic Health Coach for teens in the Bay Area. I’m also a writer, an authenticity advocate, and a lover of all things weird and wonderful (think modern spirituality, science fiction, deadpan humor, and getting to play make-believe through magical creativity).

As a Holistic Health Coach and Youth Nutrition Specialist, I coach Marin teens with emotional and/or physical health stressors with specialized holistic health programs—so that they can succeed and thrive in the most formative years of their lives.

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