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I’m Megan, the Holistic Health Coach behind Marin Teen Wellness. I created Marin Teen Wellness out of a growing and pressing need for more support for teens in the Bay Area.

I coach Marin teens with emotional and/or physical health stressors to create and work through specialized holistic health programs for them so that they can succeed and thrive in the most formative years of their lives.


Is your teen a sensitive person who is struggling to cope with their emotions and stress levels?

  • Are they overwhelmed at school?

  • Are they suffering academically, or do they have a learning difference?

  • Does your teen struggle with body image issues, anxiety, or obsessive thinking?

  • Do they have complex health issues that require special attention?

  • Does your teen stand out from the pack?

If you thought of your teen above…

I'm here for them.

Youth Nutritional Specialist and Certified Holistic Health Coach Megan Hatfield helps Marin teens learn how to reduce stress with customized health and wellness support.

I firmly believe that the teens with challenges are actually the ones with the greatest gifts to give to the world.

With customized support, every teen can thrive, no matter their background or what they may be going through.

In my teen coaching program, I employ an extraordinarily effective and specialized 5-pronged approach to whole body health and wellness for teens where we cover emotion regulation and stress management, holistic mind/body healing, nutritional counseling, movement and exercise, and personalized academic recommendations.


I take the guesswork out of what next steps to take in the interest of your teen’s health, healing, and well-being.


Over the course of our 10 biweekly sessions, your teen will experience:

  • Better health and wellness

  • Understanding of nutrition and movement

  • Decreased stress and increased emotional stability

  • New tools for self-love, self-compassion, and self-acceptance

  • Deeper relationship with self

  • Learning to trust gut feelings and use intuition

  • Improved relationships

  • Healthier relationship with social media

  • Healthier relationship with food

  • Learning to be proud of their uniqueness

  • Learning to accept their human imperfections

  • Increased self-confidence, self-worth, and self-esteem

  • Improved decision-making abilities

  • New organizational and time management skills

  • Positive self-expression

  • Practical application of a healthy lifestyle


I understand complex teens because I was one myself. 

With three diagnoses under my belt by the age of 14 under the names of Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, and ADD, I was made to feel like all I was and all I ever could be was a list of symptoms.

In my teen years with my specific set of challenges, I needed extra support – adolescence is already hard enough without the added struggle of having health challenges and emotional stress.

I needed someone that I could reach out to and talk to outside of my family. I needed a great coach who could see me as a whole person and not just a list of symptoms, and who could oversee and balance all aspects of my wellness: my emotional and physical health, my nutritional habits, and my academic life, so that I could have the tools that I needed to feel better and confidently go after my dreams.

I needed fluid support, responsible guidance, compassion, and complete non-judgement from someone who knew exactly what I was going through.


My mission is to provide the comprehensive and holistic service for teens that I needed when I was younger, and that countless other sensitive and complex teens desperately need now.


According to a study done in 2018 by the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, the rates for adolescent anxiety and depression have risen 63% since 2013.

The APA’s Stress in America survey found that 30% of teens reported feeling sad or depressed because of stress and 31% felt overwhelmed.

Another study conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau through the National Survey of Children’s Health revealed that only 40% of parents today believe their children are doing well in school, staying calm in the face of challenge, and able to finish the things that they start.


Our teens are calling out for a lifeline. 


When teens act out or display new emotional and physical patterns, they are trying to heal what has been unsaid. 

Our bodies heal when what is within our hearts, minds, and souls can be expressed through honest communication. My training as a certified Holistic Health Coach and my experience as a healer allows me to facilitate this process in a powerful way.

With a heart full of compassion and with a mission to guide, heal, and protect…

I am here to help. I am here to elicit positive change in your teen’s life. I am here to bring clarity on what to do next, where, and how. I am here to do the research for you, to figure out exactly what your teen needs, and to know how to implement those changes. I am here to be your teen’s guide.

With this incredible amount of support, your teen will thrive.


In a society that is designed to make those who are growing up with unique challenges feel hopeless,

I am here to shine a light and to…

bring hope.

Marin Teen Wellness specializes in helping teens ages 12-19 with customized guidance and support. Teens learn how to overcome the emotional or physical health stressors holding them back.

At 14, I didn’t know that it was possible for me to feel healthy, happy, and authentically me all at the same time.

I didn’t know that I was more than my symptoms. I didn’t know that I was powerful beyond measure. What I know now is that all of this and more is more than possible. With personalized support, it’s a certainty.

I work with teens from the ages of 12-19, as I have found that those years are the years that are the most critical in having this extra support available.

My clients are: caring, concerned, and overwhelmed parents whose teenager is in need of guidance, healing, and support. I meet with their teen every other week for a total of 10 sessions as we cover my integrative holistic health coaching program.

The teens I work with are: sensitive, bright, and in need of extra support. They are struggling with emotional and/or physical health stressors. I give them supportive care through my 5-pronged approach to whole body health and wellness to equip them with the tools they need to rise above their challenges, heal, and thrive.

Your teen is special. They need extra support. They need a guide that can facilitate their healing and be an advocate for their health, success, and happiness – and I am here for that. I am here for your teen, and in that way, I am here for you.

Growing up is hard. Let me make it easier.

 Teen 1:1 Coaching Program

- 10 sessions -


50-Minute Sessions

We’ll meet every other week.

Sessions take place either in person or online via Zoom.

Your teen will leave each session with practical tools, handouts, and easy guides on how to feel better fast.


Caring Connection

Unlimited email and text support.

Consistent, responsible guidance.

Tools for true healing and sustainable change.


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